Bill and his team are incredibly professional. The work is high quality and they leave the site neat and tidy. I have now used them for 3 separate jobs and the quality and service is always consistent. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and would definitely recommend them for any size job.

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Pitched Roof Repairs

Most roofs require maintaining from time to time. Tell-tell signs of damage are water staining, daylight showing in the loft, slipped tiles and cracks in mortar. Up On The Roof provide a free, no obligation quotation service where we assess if repairs are required and advise you accordingly. We repair all types of roofs whether pitched, flat, household or industrial.

Emergencies & Storm Repairs

If you suffer storm damage or a roofing emergency, Up On The Roof Roofing offer a fast call out service to erect temporary measures to protect your property. We can then provide a detailed assessment of what repairs are required to your roof.


Chimney stacks often require re-pointing. If you notice that the mortar between the bricks on the chimney has weather edit should be re-pointed to stop rain penetrating the brickwork and causing further damage.

Flashing Repairs

Roof flashing is used to seal gaps and holes reducing the risk of damage occurring from leaks. Repairs can be completed using a wide range of materials including lead, aluminum, silicone and bitumen to suit different roofing types and situations.


If your roof is beyond repair don’t worry, Up On The Roof are able to re-cover it at very economical prices.

We can provide detailed analysis and expert advice on the condition of your roof, and suggest the best course of action for replacement roofing or replacement sections.

Planning permission is not required for roof replacements unless the building is a listed property or you live in a conservation area.

Up On The Roof provide guaranteed, top quality workmanship, and undertake major roof repairs or replacement of sections, sympathetically matching the tile type and colour to retain a uniformed appearance.


Leaking gutters can cause expensive repair bills; joint failure is predominantly the cause along with corrosion.

Gutters can also become overwhelmed during storm conditions if obstructed by debris from trees or droppings; hence it is advisable to have them cleared on an annual basis.


Fascia is the long, straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. They support the bottom row of roof tiles and carry the guttering. Attractive uPVC fascia are just as strong as the original wood but have the added appeal of being hassle free. Furthermore, they are BBA approved and guaranteed for 10 years.

Up On The Roof supply and install top quality uPVC fascia boards that are maintenance free and very economical with a life expectancy of over 20 years.

We can:

  • Replace degraded timber fascia
  • Over-cap existing sound fascia
  • Create individual and traditional roof styles
  • Use colour to co-ordinate with windows and door systems


uPVC fascia and matching bargeboards are available in a range of depths and edge designs to suit every type of home.

Soffits support fascia and provide ventilation to the roofs of centrally heated homes. Without this ventilation condensation can form and increase the risk of timber decay. Up On The Roof supply and install flat and fluted uPVC soffits, along with cladding in a range of colours and various venting systems.[/vc_column_text]

Do you want to replace your old roof? You don’t normally think about installing a new roof until the old roof starts to leak. You don’t want to leave it too late as this will mean there will be more damage had you rectified the problem at an earlier stage. You are only likely to notice damage at the time of a leak, but already the structural body may already be damaged. Here, Up On The Roof provide a service to build a very attractive and effective quality roofing for you that will protect you from whatever the weather may bring for many years to come. We improve weatherproofing, while re-roofing services. Whether you need an hour’s work or a week’s work we dedicate ourselves to carry out a high standard of work at a very competitive rate. We also provide a 24hr emergency roofing care.

Here we are giving tips to decide the time of installing new roof:

  • You always watch the roof, whether the littoral lines are straight or not? Or can you see any other irregularities on roof?
  • When you are going to clean the gutters, if you see any tarmac crumbs in the gutter, it is the sign of breaking the tarmac.
  • Check if the chimneys have any damage, because chimneys are the weakest spot of roof.
  • Check the daylights passing through the roof.

If you are seeing these types of signs, you should install a new roof immediately.

Our team of high expertise professionals can re-roof and we will provide advice to choose the right and suitable material and offer you all the benefits of each plan within the budget.

We understand how important it is that you are employing a reputable roofer so we offer free estimates with no obligation and all of our work comes fully guaranteed. This means that there is no risk when you contact Up On The Roof. We have received outstanding reputation for working closely with our customers and designing and delivering exactly what they want leaving them with satisfaction and peace of mind.

Is your roof showing signs of ageing? Then now it is the appropriate time to see whether your roof needs repairing or replacing. Roof repairing can be cost-effective if it is carried out on time.

Any damage to the roofing has to be rectified at the earliest. If not, it can lead to many issues like improper drainage and airflow complications. It is important that you protect your roof, as it serves you from all the environmental hazards all year round.

Why To Hire Experts For Roof Repair Jobs?

It is important that professional care is carried out for the proper maintenance and repair of the roof. For that, a roofing contractor with high expertise is a must. We are capable enough to provide you with the best solution for the entire aspects of roofing and its repair works.

You will need to get the assistance of the professional roofers to fix any issue. Up On The Roof ensures that all our works are customized to meet the exact requirements of the clients. It can be anything from a small repair to entire new roofing, we make sure that all the works are carried out in a highly professional and reliable manner.

The key to get rid of major roof destruction is early detection of it, and with roof inspections from Up On The Roof you can be rest assured that we will find any problem or potential concerns you may face. Our fortune of extensive experience means that we are successful in identifying and resolving any roofing issues by carrying out the right method of work. No matter whether you have a residential or a commercial property you could easily profit in the long run from our specialist roofs.

We specialise in installing Cure it GRP Fibreglass roofing systems which provide an extremely long lifespan. Guaranteed for 20 years, fibreglass roofing installed by Up On The Roof is available in a wide range of colours and finishes and has no seams, joints or welds.

Easy to install with out the need for heat, fibreglass roofing is fire retardant and suitable for use almost anywhere including domestic roofs, porches, extensions, garages, commercial applications, balconies, walkways, steps, parapets, gutters, green roofs, ponds, pools and vertical surfaces

Fibre Glass is our preferred roofing application due to its many benefits which include being guaranteed not to leak, no rotting, non slip and easy to clean and maintain, but in addition we can also install:

Torch On

Our range of cost effective flat roofing systems and products include traditional felts, underlay, and fire retardant systems using either traditional pour and roll, torch-on, flame free or self adhesive techniques.

Built Up Felt Systems

Built Up Felt systems comprise a single component compound that forms a tough, flexible, thick, waterproof membrane that adheres to just about all sound surfaces, vertical or horizontal.

If you would like to receive a free, no obligation quote for your flat roof please call us on 07957 098989 – we look forward to being of service.



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